Solutions Training & Education

Once QEMC consultants have developed a management standards solution based on your organizations needs, this solution must be put into practice. Through years of experience guiding company management and employees, QEMC is able to bring about a management standards transition with minimal impact to the company’s productivity and culture.

Our consultants have developed a common sense approach to the education company employees creating an environment of minimal resistance and maximum productivity and safety.

Needs Information

  • Performs readiness assessment and evaluation to measure your organization’s readiness to procedural and organizational changes
  • Consultant a suitable implementation method to ensure on time and budget project delivery.
  • Develops an education strategy that ensures the right type of training is provided to the right people
  • Provides various trainings based on audience and readiness analysis; theory of constraints, supply chain management overview, generic solution overview, company specific solution overview, end-user training for daily, weekly, and monthly workflows.
  • Provides documentation and other visual aids for training purposes along
    with reference materials that can be used during day to day activities.

QEMC training programs are custom developed to meet to meet the goals of each clients individual needs.