RC 14001 Chemical Industry Standards

Needs Information

RC-14001 (Responsible Care®-14001) is a relatively new standard developed to help the chemical industry better their
environmental performance. Achieving this certification means your corporation is now both RC 14001 and ISO 14001 certified.

This management standard helps guide organizations to improve their environmental performance, standardize  environmental improvement practices, expand management standards to include public communications and increase general health and safety with respect to the chemicals they produce or interact with.

Benefits of RC 14001 Registration

  • Gain ISO 14001 certification along side of the RC 14001 certification
  • Continually improve their environmental performance
  • Standardize and certify environmental improvement practices
  • Proactive approach to health and safety as well as public communications programs
  • Qualification and training of contractors, vendors and other integrated services

Why is RC 14001 right for your organization?

  • Federal And State Incentives Regulatory Agencies – Many federal and state agencies understand the benefits of  RC 14001 and ISO 14001 standards and have passed incentives that look favorably upon companies that have achieved these certifications via financial incentives.
  • Top level manufacturer  and foreign requirements – Many top manufacturer/producers now require that their tier 1 suppliers follow their environmental initiatives by becoming RC 14001 themselves.
  • Improved Bottom Line Performance –  Significant benefits both financially and publicly that mirror ISO 14001 benefits including minimizing the risk of regulatory and environmental liability fine and reduction in waste and consumption of resources.